One of my favourite things in life is patisserie cream! This basically is a thick custard to fill fruit tarts with, choux buns, eclairs, puff pastry, ...
I just could eat it all the time, gooey vanilla loveliness, yum!
A typically Belgian way is to eat it cold with crumbled speculoos biscuits on top.

Traditionally it is made with a vanilla pod, but I got a recipe that is more cost effective and as good in flavour.


  • 1L of whole milk
  • 3 egg yolks
  • 250g caster sugar
  • 100g vanilla pudding powder
Bring 3/4l of milk to the boil. In the meantime you whisk the eggs, sugar and the vanilla powder with the remaining milk, so you got a lump free mixture.
Once the milk boils, add the boiling milk to your mixture (NOT the other way around), stirr well and pour it all back into the cooking pot.
Put back on the stove on a low heat and keep stirring till it has the consistency of vanilla pudding.
Pour in a bowl and cover with cling film immediately in contact with the cream, this to avoid that a skin forms.
Leave to cool in the fridge for several hours.